Application Support Outsourcing

Extend, Augment and Enhance Your Internal CTRM Support With Our On-demand Support Plans

How Our CTRM Experts Complement Your Team

Our goal is to identify areas where we can augment your existing CTRM support staff and operate as an elastic extension of your team. We know there is a lot of demand for the best and the brightest, so we keep a bullpen of them and provide you with the right technical or functional capability for the phase, job, assignment, or task that your team is facing right now.

We give you the flexibility to add-on more CTRM power, without the cost commitment of hiring and managing more full-time resources. Our industry-first approach gives you access to the highest level of expertise for a predictable, affordable monthly fee. More demand / Less Demand, no problem! Our contracts are flexible and built to your business cycles.

Avoid Backlogs and Bottle Necks
Value Creed's Proven CTRM Toolset Gets It Done Fast
Commodity and energy markets never stop. So why should your business users have to? We give you the catalyst you need to address their reporting needs, trigger requirements and extension wish-lists out of the box. Our experts combine deep CTRM technology expertise with specialized oversight from our in-house risk, valuation, hedging, credit and logistics experts to customize these time savers.
Value Creed’s application support outsourcing extensions include:
  • Reports, Confirmation/Invoice/Other Templates, Views, Class events, and Interfaces
  • Support and fix extensions if issues occur
  • Coordinate support and fix for third party (including CTRM) extensions
  • Update extensions with new features
  • Automate repetitive manual processes
  • Optimize valuation times
  • Optimize system/extension performance issues
  • Manually generate reports (required by aggregation of external data)
  • Develop new extensions
  • Automate repetitive manual processes
  • Optimize processes
  • Quarterly process improvement review
  • Quality check of reports for completeness and unexpected exceptions

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