Cloud hosting brings greater agility and efficiency to your CTRM platform. However, migrating, upgrading, and managing your cloud-based CTRM requires deep expertise in order to facilitate the transition process.

Value Creed offers three distinct services to ensure your CTRM cloud hosting experience runs and maintains smoothly, creating a continuity of service unparalleled in the commodity trading sector.

#1: On-Premise To Cloud Migration

Moving your existing CTRM software to the cloud brings several key advantages over remaining on-premise:

Faster Deployments

Bug fixes and new functionalities are provided automatically by Value Creed’s experts.

Less IT Resources Demand

Your in-house teams no longer have to allocate resources to on-premise CTRM management.

Low Implementation Costs

Value Creed’s experienced consultants work effectively with every budget and platform for efficient implementations.

Savings On Licensing Fees

No third-party software, hardware, or upfront licensing fees are required to move your CTRM to the cloud.

Best of all, moving your existing on-premise CTRM to the cloud future-proofs your business, building an infrastructure for faster, cost-effective upgrades no matter what comes next.

#2: Upgrade Your CTRM Through Cloud Deployment

If your current CTRM is outdated or in need of an upgrade, Value Creed’s expert consultants can perform an upgrade as part of a cloud migration project.

Key Takeaway

Following a CTRM + cloud upgrade, your business unlocks new capabilities to:

#3: Cloud Hosting Monitoring & Managed Services

Moving your CTRM platform to the cloud requires CTRM/ETRM specific expertise. Once in the cloud or hybrid cloud – managing the platform long term can be a burden.

With our Cloud managed services, CTRM platforms perform at a 99% uptime, delivering reliability for your team and lower overall cost of ownership over the long-term. (Cloud managed service)

See how Managed Services works with our comprehensive cloud offerings in the detailed video below:

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CTRM Upgrade & Cloud Migration For A Major Utility Company

When a pioneering gas and electric utility company began to upgrade their CTRM, they quickly faced several challenges: outdated systems, slow performance, and extensive complex customizations. With Value Creed’s support, the company was able to achieve a 60% reduction in long-term infrastructure costs and more.

Case Study: Cloud Managed Services

60% reduction in long-term infrastructure costs

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As companies suddenly shifted to remote work in early 2020, they faced an array of new challenges. Communication delays and dispersed teams meant a new realignment in the way in-house (and at-home) employees operated.

Yet when it comes to CTRM platforms, any delay can be costly. Our clients turned to us for the solution—and found it in our managed services team.

Making Managed Services Your Advantage

The simple truth is that our managed services experts had adopted the best practices of remote work since well before the pandemic. In fact, their very structure resembles the standard for many newly-remote teams.

A Global Workforce

Our team is distributed across time zones, from Dallas and Houston to Hyderabad, India

Advanced Insights

Over 35 experts offer cutting-edge insights with decades-worth of experience

Prior Expertise

Team members have experience across platforms for both critical and routine issues

These assets made the difference for our clients seeking remote managed services oversight.

The results? A dependable, consistent level of CTRM service, ensuring business continuity throughout the toughest of times.

CTRM Productivity Gains Enable Trading Productivity Boost

See how Value Creed helped a major natural gas production and marketing company upgrade their CTRM, boost productivity and increase efficiency for daily trading activities.

True Success With Remote Work

Value Creed’s unique dual timezone model allowed our clients to thrive with managed services, no matter their location. What’s more, the 24/7/365 nature of our work made CTRM upgrades, testing services, Business Process Outsourcing, and more easier for our clients when they needed them the most, because of the pandemic and its business implications.

Value Creed’s unique dual timezone model allowed our clients to thrive with managed services, no matter their location.

There’s simply no room for delays in CTRM processes, even when the unexpected happens. Luckily, our managed services team stayed prepared. Their familiarity with working remotely and delivering results continues to make the difference.

See the Success By The Numbers and get in touch to learn how managed services makes the difference in your business:

Explore Key Solutions to Ensure CTRM Journey Success

Learn how CTRM users worldwide engage Value Creed to support these digital forward executive demands.


Faster upgrades with minimal disruption to the business users ensure smooth business functioning and lower dollars spend.


CTRM technical and functional experts are available on-demand to fulfill the needs of the changing business.


Proactive and reactive services ensure your CTRM is running efficiently and problems are resolved effectively.


Cloud experts can design, optimize & provide best practice support needed for a successful Cloud Implementation & maintenance.


Automated & manual testing services using QMetry integrated with JIRA ensure testing is documented and repeatable.


Business consultants equipped with CTRM knowledge is effectively able to supplement your short term and long term BPO needs.

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