Value Creed Viewpoint: Allegro Horizon 145 Upgrade Summary of Features and Functions

With the code release of Allegro Horizon 145 in December 2018, many new features and functions were introduced into various products as well as the user experience enhanced. Sifting through all materials associated with a release – release notes, functional overviews, installation guides, etc. – takes time to organize and get a full picture of what those enhancement are within each product.  To assist you, all the information was pulled together, including Allegro presentations, and a summary of the functional related enhancements are listed below.

Petroleum Products (Crude Oil, Refined Products, Natural Gas Liquids, Coal)

With the primary focus on providing customers with better inventory management, Horizon 145 contains the following functionality.

  • Better handling of tank volumes and assurance that not all volumes are considered inventory by enhancing and establishing new inventory types (Min Tank Fill/Tank Bottoms/Heels, etc., Line Fill, Line Pack, 3rd Party Volumes, Negative Inventory)
  • Exclusion of lease tank open positions in valuations; can track balance, but it is not valued as inventory
  • Update of tank capacity with strapped maximum volume (highest strap), and reference in calculations, if tank is strapped above or below its notional volume; highest strap replaces initially entered capacity or previously strapped capacity
  • Valuation and other logic driven based upon differentiation of shipment types (Shipment, FOB/Transfer/Bookout/Distribution/Process) to drive valuation
  • Accounting Locking – prevents shipment creation, actuals allocation and adjustments for locked time periods, but tickets received after accounting lock and dated prior to the lock will be flagged, not allocated
  • Adjustment Locking – tickets received after adjustment lock date/time of the tank or pile and dated prior to the date not flagged nor allocated
  • Losses and gains when discharge amount is different than load amount
  • Net valuation rewritten for liquids and bulk solid products to improve performance and better handle loss/gains and blending
  • Hooks provided in new Liquids Valuation API to enable use of valuation extensions
  • Changes to quantity detail table structure (will need to import data to new table per instructions with release)
  • Introduction of loadshapes (energy profiles) for use on liquid and bulk commodity trades, including creating composite loadshapes and utilizing forward loadshapes; view located under Trade Execution
  • It should be noted that to fully support these enhancements, additional changes are anticipated in the March 2019 release.

Natural Gas

  • Support for nominations of PATHED NON-THREADED pipeline model
  • Introduction of NAESB designed activity codes to create nominations
  • Separation of scheduling views by pipeline model type – ENTRY/EXIT, NON-PATHED, PATHED THREADED and PATHED NON-THREADED
  • Automatic statement/header rows Auto pipeline actualization based upon pipelines having transactions created in Natural Gas Scheduling
  • Enhanced loadshape functionality to include creating composite loadshape and utilizing forward loadshapes; product specific loadshape view replaced by generic loadshape view under Trade Execution

Natural Gas Connect

  • Partnership with Latitude Technologies creating an EDI adapter for inbound and outbound transmission of nominations with interstate pipelines


  • Addition of new power point types were added to enhance eTag modeling (SOURCE, SINK, SOURCE_SINK, NINW, POR, POD and POR_POD)
  • Optimization of delete accruals code to improve performance
  • Product specific loadshape view replaced by generic loadshape view under Trade Execution
  • Enhanced Energy Position view to display energy rate in horizontal format by time unit
  • Performance improvements to Power Transmission view and enhanced display allowing drill by time unit (year, quarter, month, etc.), displaying total, scheduled and tag capacity by energy rate and display of energy or energy rate in horizontal format by time unit
  • Enhanced price time zone conversion for valuation (all products), Power Position and Power Scheduling

Power Connect

  • Improvements to ISO Connect including support of sub-hourly bids and awards
  • Modifications to download API calls of ISO Connect Adapt 2 Award and Settlement to send participants in a list rather than pipe delimited string
  • Integration of ABB nMarket Bid-to-Bill (B2B) product with ISO Connect supporting the Northern Ireland Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM)
  • Enhancements to ISO Connect API specifications to meet requirements outside of North America including currency and time zone elements


  • Valuation performance improvements through new feature called Valuation by Report; retrieves summary data based upon report definition parameters with details in separate pane on demand
  • Alignment of Exchange Matching with Trade Execution business processes; valuation engine able to separate closed/open exchange positions based upon match status and exclude from valuation
  • Valuation enhanced to handle Hour/Day-Ahead prices for price indexes defined as CURRENT
  • Definition of exchange calendars by exchange symbol allowing exchange traded transactions to be captured by exchange symbol and contract period; trade execution and valuation updated to handle the new definition
  • Enhanced valuation performance of exchange traded positions resulting from queue built by symbol and contract period rather than by position
  • Storage of hourly and sub-hourly forward prices as JSON files, increasing performance for retrieval and processing
  • Use of defined OTC calendars on strip of options eliminating need to create specific positions for each delivery period of the strip
  • Handling of Balmo swap pricing

Regulatory Connect

  • Optimization of ImportPET functionality improving performance associated with determination and capture of trade in Derivative Regulation module

Finance Connect

  • Tax Connect updated to Avalara API v5.27.2
  • Addition of unit price and line amount elements populating with findetail.price and findetail.grossvalue, respectively
  • Modifications to interface to only pass trade data when trade is identified as taxable and fee data when feesettlement is identified as taxable
  • Support for currency conversion
  • Tax Connect calculation of FX rate based upon shipmentdetail.scheddate with use of config key AvalaraFXShipmentDate
  • Addition of logic to make determination between tax amount and trade tax amount
  • Transmission of two currencies and exchange rate to Avalara/Avatax when position currency of transaction is different than country currency to perform tax calculation in desired currency

Allegro Testing Automation

  • Debut of testing automation product to facilitate testing and process automation during implementation

Demystifying Allegro Horizon Upgrades

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