Allegro In The Cloud-Pro's Con's and Missteps to Avoid

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Listen Now! Allegro In The Cloud – Pro’s, Con’s and Missteps To Avoid

The decision to move Allegro to the Cloud can have significant positive implications on many aspects of your organization; however, making this move a success is complex.

In this 30-minute straight talk webinar event, Priyankar Datta, Principal of Value Creed and one of the world’s foremost Allegro experts, shares his guidance on:

  • Pro’s of Moving Allegro to the Cloud: Explore key ways both business users and IT decision makers will benefit by improving Allegro’s performance, and how this move translates into achieving key operational and strategic goals.
  • Con’s of moving to the Cloud: With over a decade-and-a-half of expertise in Allegro upgrades, deployments and complex implementations, learn what is the best “reason” for moving the Cloud and what’s not.
  • Missteps to Avoid: Taking Allegro to the Cloud requires thoughtful planning, professional excellence and – most of all – experience. To help guide you to success, Priyankar will walk through use-cases and real-world experiences as you consider moving your existing Allegro instance or upgrading to Horizon in the Cloud.

About Priyankar Datta, Principal, Value Creed

Mr. Datta is the Principal and Founder of Value Creed and he has helped develop and implement a wide variety of CTRM products across a variety of upstream, of upstream, downstream & midstream clients across Power & Gas like OneOK, Con Edison, CECONY, Origin Energy, Eco Energy, Bord Gáis, EPIC Aviation, Mitsui Energy Marketing Services, National Fuel, Plains All American, Southwest Airlines, RaceTrac, Nexen, Capital Power, Encana, Elbow River, QEP Resources. He transformed these experiences into his leadership at Value Creed as he pursues the mission of bringing a new run operate model to the Allegro ecosystem built upon Outsourcing, On-demand Expertise and Cloud Deployment.


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