Question and Answer: Value Creed and Allegro In The Cloud

In his Value Creed Viewpoint webinar, “Allegro In The Cloud -Pros Con’s and Missteps to Avoid” Priyankar Datta addressed several points asked by attendees.  We have included a transcript of the live Question and Answer segment here. 

View the entire webinar recording on demand here.

Question: Does Value Creed have enough bandwidth to support multiple customers at once with 24/7 support?

Answer: Value Creed has built its business to support customers globally 24/7/365.  We have a focus on Allegro customers in the run and operate phase of their lifecycle and because of that, our staff, tools, techniques and philosophy are all built to handle the urgent and often unscripted needs of customers running critical production systems.

Question: Who is hosting the cloud implementations? How difficult it is to determine interface compatibility to send/receive data from cloud implementation?

Answer: Value Creed can support systems in either AWS or Azure.  The Value Creed cloud is hosted by AWS.   AWS host over 45% of all commercial cloud implementations and is tried and tested with Allegro systems, giving Value Creed a wealth of tools, capability and capacity to bring to bear to improve the operating environment of Allegro Customers.

Regarding integrations, Value Creed is experienced in seamlessly connecting your Allegro system to all existing integrated systems in the most secure, yet efficient means possible.  Also, our managed services team monitors these integrations for continuous connection and successful data transfers 24 hours a day.

Question: Can you cover the benefits of business continuity, i.e. if the building is inaccessible, can users potentially work from home, or satellite office - maybe removing the need for DR IT and offices.

Answer: The Value Creed cloud takes advantage of the expansive options that AWS provides for business continuity.  From redundant servers and storage to failover across geographies and data center zones, we can assure that disaster recovery is well planned, comprised of easily accessed systems and deployed in a budget minded fashion.

Question: Is the licensing model changed to SaaS (Allegro)?

Answer: Allegro offers both subscription and perpetual licensing.  Engaging Value Creed for cloud hosting or managed services has no impact on your Allegro software licensing.  Value Creed works with your existing licenses and migrates your licensed instances to the cloud.  We can also help you interpret your future licensing needs and work with you and Allegro to right size your future growth.