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Your CTRM is mission-critical and upgrading your CTRM solution is a decision that affects your front, middle and the back office operations. Deciding to upgrade your CTRM can give you the power to work without the limitations of older technology that may have required error-prone, manual data entry, tedious end-of-month “fire drills” due to workarounds, and increased risk. A CTRM upgrade eliminates these with refined workflows and streamlined data management for key functions.

Here’s a prioritized list of powerful benefits to support your upgrade business case:

Expanded Inventory Management - Assign shipment types and manage transfers easily


Inventory Lock-Ins - Analyze inventory numbers without a reliance on accruals


Improved Accounting - Reduce troublesome workarounds and decrease miscalculations


Modeling Type Separation - Scheduling for Path Non-Threaded, Path Threaded, Entry/Exit, and Non-Pathed types


ICE Risk Minimization - API changes necessary for your business to adapt and avoid missing critical ICE trade downloads​


EBB Integrations - Integrate your EBB directly with CTRM EDI Connect (via Latitude)​


Future Growth - Get more out of CTRM in the present, and set yourself up for growth in the future​

Customers Successes Prove It Out

Capital Power Tells Their Story

"Value Creed brought an expertise and hands-on experience to the upgrade that allowed us to leverage their extensive knowledge-base with our own. Even though we know our subject matter well, there was an incredible amount of remediation that had to be completed. Value Creed was able to get it done, sometimes working several time zones away, implementing the solution quickly.

"By carefully considering which upgrade components should be handled in-house, and which ones should be managed by Value Creed, we were able to greatly affect the cost structure of the project. In short, they were able to get us off the ground so that we could focus on what matter most: our business."

Manish "Manny" Neupane

Director of ETRM Applications

Capital Power

Why Value Creed?

Five Dimensions Of Expertise In Built One Team You Want On Your Upgrade

Program Management

Leadership that exceeds 40 years of experience in large-scale project management with a proven track record of dual-time zone ETRM implementation.

Functional Expertise​

Experience which spans all facets of the industry, from natural gas trading and risk management, to power and utility and commodities logistics.

Technical Expertise​

Systems architects who have a superior CTRM understanding, from top to bottom, having even contributed to CTRM's R & D.​

CTRM Cloud Expertise​

Maximize the advantages of CTRM cloud and hybrid operating solutions, including reliable data recovery during disasters.​

Training Program​

Ensure the empowerment and engagement of your employee users with time-tested methodologies using a "learn by doing" approach.​

Value Creed's Approach

Here's an overview of our approach to CTRM upgrades. We're there before, during, and after—that's how we approach the process to ensure you have a reliable outcome that is functionally and technically sound.

Step 1: Design & Planning

We first work closely with your internal stakeholders to create clearly defined objectives and determine the best way to achieve your desired results. Once that is fully aligned with all parties, we build an action plan tailored to your specific business needs.

Step 2: Upgrade

We migrate your current CTRM to the latest version via a Technical Upgrade and Functional remediation, ensuring complete data and service fidelity in the new system. For Customers considering a Cloud strategy, this is the perfect time to leverage the power of the cloud. This is done several times during this phase in unique cycles to ensure 100% coverage of the business. Once we’ve configured the new modules, we validate all user processes from contract to cash and perform intensive remediation of any outstanding issues.

Step 3: Post-Launch Hyper-Care

Once the system is up and running, our job is far from over. We maintain highly responsive 24/7/365 monitoring care and continue system optimization to improve efficiencies and drive your CTRM solution’s usability for your business.

Step 4: Run-Smart Managed Services

We provide fixed priced Managed Services for your CTRM solution to ensure your team can focus on the tougher problems and leave the maintenance & support to us. Get started on your upgrade and leverage the next generation functionality.

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Value Creed, LLC, founded in 2016, is a managed services firm headquartered in Dallas, TX, specializing in commodity trading and risk management technology and business process outsourcing, cloud enablement, and CTRM complimentary technologies to help CTRM customers achieve optimal value in their software investment. For more information visit or call (833) 282-7333