Congratulations To These Allegro Superheroes For Their Work Anniversaries!

Allegro expertise is founded in real-world problem solving for one of the most mission critical applications in the commodity markets. Choosing a partner for your Allegro enhancement, upgrade and ongoing application support and management, you must trust the firm and the team they bring to bear.

At Value Creed, we are on a mission to develop the world’s most accomplished team of Allegro experts available to you around the clock, 24/7/365.  In evidence of our commitment, we want to celebrate the work anniversary, and share the “get it done” experiences of our team members,  Monish and Astha, as they share their professional learnings over the last year:

Monish Malhortra, Senior Consultant

“Expand your horizons and take ownership in your work,”―that’s what I learned on day one at Value Creed. Since then, I’ve helped our CTRM customers solve their most complex issues in Allegro, 

from creating functional and testing documents, to deployment packages, and performing requirement gathering. My Value Creed journey has also included establishing Allegro managed services and application outsourcing processes for our clients, as well as handling multiple Allegro upgrade projects. As a program lead for our Allegro managed services and application outsourcing, I constantly refine and implement Allegro best practices for every client’s commodity type to ensure we are able to accurately support individualized needs, rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach to problem solving.

Astha Jain, Technical Consultant

“Being challenged every day is what I find stimulating and engaging about being a member of Value Creed’s team.

My expertise as a computer software engineer was quickly applied to the complex problem solving and critical thinking necessary to address our worldwide client’s Allegro application solution outsourcing needs.  Mentored by our tenured Allegro team, I was tasked with setting up an SSRS.  I quickly realized Value Creed is all about digging into Allegro, multitasking, juggling between different roles, and implementing Allegro in a fashion driven by best practices, rather than the status quo. Whether it’s an extension or a bug, an automation or upgrade, front-end or back-end, I am committed to solving any challenge an a seamless extension of our client’s in-house team,  so every client’s Allegro application is running error free.

Dedication, functional know-how and technical excellence are the qualities our Allegro Superheros bring to your project. Reach out and learn more about the industry’s most innovative approach to upgrading and enhancing Allegro.