Frame up what you need to know when you go to develop a business case for moving to the Cloud with this recording of “How To Build The Business Case For Taking Allegro To The Cloud.”

You’ll hear Priyankar Datta, Allegro consultant and Value Creed founder, as he explores “Must Have” takeaways like:

  • What it takes to get your plan framed up for making the move for your Allegro instance to the Cloud
  •  How the Value Creed run operate model makes this process more efficient and cost-effective
  • Why building your business case is critical and what should be included and much more…

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Run-Smart™ for Allegro Coffee Break Chat

January 16, 2019 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM CST

Just as oil enabled many of the advances and conveniences that have made modern life, well, modern, so too cloud computing’s impact will reach deeper into every organization than just the IT infrastructure. The ubiquitous goal to get critical, always-on systems like Allegro’s CTRM into ‘the cloud’ is colored by the perspective from which it is stated. To the IT team, this often means an evolution and transition from owned data centers to owned and shared network and server infrastructure. To application developers, it means an opportunity to finally begin to realize the dream of true shared services and more easily consumable software. But the real value may actually come from those that don’t yet internalize a value to the cloud: the business.

To the business, the cloud should represent the horizon more so than a particular location. A horizon of possibilities as they are released from the bounds and constraints of an infrastructure that is difficult to provision, must be consumed in large bites, and tweaked and managed by specialized experts. Cloud computing breaks each of these pieces into as small and consumable bites as the business might like to consume and allows for a virtual symphony of flavors to the mix of capability and services they need to build their most effective, efficient, and intelligent business process.

Moving to the cloud is often viewed as an end within itself, but today’s intelligent organization — those who value data analysis to make decisions and migrate their business processes to take advantage of market opportunities — view the move to the cloud as just the first step.

The CTRM / ETRM market has been slow to recognize the benefits of the cloud beyond optimizing the cost of infrastructure. More than most other packages, the immediate benefits often outweigh even the extreme bonus situation companies find themselves in from an infrastructure perspective. Here are a few key benefits to consider:

There is a new world for our application developers and our system implementers in the CTRM world. Those who take advantage of it will see a new acceleration of their satisfaction in their CTRM usage. Those who don’t will be stuck in a different kind of cloud — a dust cloud.

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