Reclaiming Peak Efficiency in the Face of an Information Architecture Shortfall

Key Results:

“Virtually everyone in the natural gas industry uses CTRM, but it was not fully aligned to our business needs. The knowledgeable experts at Value Creed created a unique solution that saves us large amounts of effort, internal resources, and overtime.” 

Wayne Pivec
Vice President of Trading and Logistics

The Client:

G2X Energy is a privately-owned company based in Houston, Texas that develops, owns, and operates production facilities that convert natural gas to methanol. While sophisticated and vertically integrated globally, G2X is also a relatively small shop with a near zero-risk tolerance. Efficient use of available resources is critical to their continued success.

Wayne Pivec, Vice President of Trading and Logistics, is responsible for managing the company’s natural gas inputs. He understands all too well how important it is to leverage all possible advantages to keep G2X’s metrics on track. To accomplish this goal, he uses CTRM to account for every single dollar and molecule.

The Challenge:

Wayne and his team at G2X had to contend with the following:

The Solution:

G2X needed a fix. Based on their reputation for deploying efficient “tiger-teams” of world renowned CTRM experts, they reached out to Value Creed for help. Working closely with Mr. Pivec, they helped solve this business process conundrum by:


Upon implementing Value Creed’s solutions, Wayne’s team felt immediate relief from the strain, which improved their work/life balance. Now they are able to put orders into the system more easily, and get dollars out of the system with much greater efficiency. To ensure that the new information infrastructure functions as seamlessly as possible, Value Creed now monitors and manages G2X Energy’s CTRM application 24/7/365.

“It can be tough to maximize efficiency when you’re a small shop, and people have to wear many hats. Value Creed was able to create a solution to exactly fit the way we do business. Now we can get the job done…and go home on time.”

Wayne Pivec
Vice President of Trading and Logistics


Value Creed

Value Creed, LLC, founded in 2016, is a managed services firm headquartered in Dallas, TX, specializing in commodity trading and risk management technology and business process optimization. The firm offers expert-driven managed services, business process outsourcing, cloud enablement, and CTRM complementary technologies to help CTRM customers achieve optimal value in their software investment. For more information, visit or call (833) 282-7333

G2X Energy, Inc.

Houston-based G2X Energy develops, owns and operates production facilities that convert natural gas to methanol for the US and international markets. Transforming natural gas by leveraging existing infrastructure and proven conversion technologies, G2X meets the demand for cost-competitive methanol and chemicals using abundant, clean, domestic US natural gas.

For more information visit or call (713) 943-2200.