Webinar Recording: 2019 Best Practices for Allegro Setup and Optimization

Whether you are new to Allegro or looking for improvements in 2019 – this 20-minute educational recording with Carol Boyd, Value Creed consultant and former Allegro employee, covers her best moves for improving accuracy, nailing down timeliness and alleviating the risk of manual errors as you outperform the status quo.

She gets right to what matters including these hot-topics:

    • Automating and Importing Market Data to Expedite Workflows
    • Utilizing Specific Allegro Features to Streamline Manual Deal Capture
    • Performing Timely Scheduling – How and Why It’s Important
    • Leveraging “Message Events” for Important Notifications

You’ll also want to download Ms. Boyd’s helpful 2019 Allegro Best Practices Checklist.