CTRM Application Support is often very narrowly defined and is usually not customer-focused. According to IEEE application support is “the process of modifying an application or its component after delivery to correct faults, improve performances or other attributes, or adapt to a change environment.” The definition itself showcases application support as a post-production Go-Live task and includes activities that keep the application operational i.e. fixing bugs and mistakes as well as continually evolving it to meet the businesses needs.. Here are best the practices to effectively and efficiently support a CTRM Application –

Pre Go Live Activities

Post Go Live Activities

CTRM Application Support requires a well-managed approach to maximize efficiency and effectiveness and help your system run smoothly. Failure to provide managed application support can easily lead to failure of confidence in the overall CTRM Application.

We at Value Creed have identified CTRM Application Support as a needing a complete, holistic approach rather than a being viewed as just a ‘bug fixing’ task. The Value Creed approach to managed services which provides comprehensive 24 hour support and diagnostics of your operating environment, our outsourced application support to enhance and augment your internal team and our Run Smart™ SLA to guarantee an industry leading level of commitment and response ensure that your ongoing support fulfils your needs and allows you to achieve the confidence in the system that you set out for from the beginning.

To know more on how Value Creed can build an optimal CTRM Application Support system for your organization, partner with us today.