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Allegro Best Practices Series for Cloud Deployment and CTRM Run Operate Phase

Run-Smart for Allegro
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December 12th, 1:30pm - 2:00pm CST

How to Build The Business Case
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January 30th, 1:30pm CST - 2:15pm CST

Making Allegro

CTRM Know-How, Found Only In a Few

To do it right, Allegro requires multi-disciplinary experts dedicated to optimizing the platform’s management of risk, credit, trading, logistics and accounting. What’s more, these professionals must be capable of fine-tuning the platform to suit your organization’s demands. But with time-sensitive, business-critical decisions at stake, you need insight, talent and manpower on-demand.

The last thing you want to do is wait. We're here to make sure you never have to.


Think of us as your tiger-team, exclusively dedicated to Allegro, armed with the trifecta of technical skills, industry savvy and hard-core problem solving. Moments can mean millions, we make sure you don’t miss out.

Application Managed Services and Outsourcing

Extend Allegro to drive business value. Our expert-driven team seamlessly blends with yours to bring unwavering support from industry experts inside of your corporate walls. Our team extends, augments and allows you to field a team of Allegro experts – on demand, in an easily forecastable, elastic and cost effective mode.


It’s more than a word, it’s a reason. VC brings Allegro to the Cloud allowing greater flexibility, reducing cost of ownership and improving reliability. Our standard is anything but – Our Allegro experts know the Cloud and our Cloud experts know Allegro. Our experts engineer the best cloud environment for your Allegro system then manage and support it under the umbrella of our industry-first Run Smart™ SLA. We’ll take you there. In the Cloud, our experts monitor your infrastructure performance for anomalies and address them. We bring your Allegro support from “Urgent Flurries” to “No Worries”.


Getting the most from your CTRM often means extending and expanding its capability through complimentary products and capabilities. Value Creed stays deep in the ecosystem of applications, bringing innovative new technologies, techniques and capabilities to the Allegro customer base. If you have a gap, a problem or a challenge, ask, we may have a solution.

Meet Value Creed

We Make Allegro Run Smart™​

Run Smart™ is our revolutionary expert-driven managed services support model exclusively crafted for Allegro customers of all sizes, worldwide, to rapidly move to the cloud and engage with experts to achieve their business goals. Built for the run / operate phase of Allegro maturity, our team leverages time-earned energy and agriculture industry acumen, complemented by unparalleled technical experience to help you manage, extend and optimize Allegro. Now that’s smart.

Leading-Edge Thinking

Making the move to Run Smart™ takes courage. Now you can rely on the intellectual capital of industry-proven Allegro professionals.

President and CEO

Mark is bringing a new message to the Allegro eco-system – that the capabilities of the cloud technologies, the gig and fractional economy and deep industry and product knowledge can be brought together in a new way to change the dynamic and improve the experience, satisfaction and effectiveness of industries’ most complex yet critical applications. Leveraging deep relationships in the energy and technology space, Mark has assembled a team and created a model that brings unprecedented Value to the Allegro customer.

Managing Director

With over a decade-and-a-half of technology solution development, with almost half of those solving a wide variety of industries’ hardest Allegro challenges, Priyankar is one of the world’s foremost Allegro platform experts. Largely due to his tenure as a lead software development on the platform.

brian bruce


Brian, a former vice president of a global Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities division for a large investment bank is one of the most seasoned Allegro experts in the industry. He has filled roles as an Allegro product manager, consulting practice manager and project lead as well as being a customer in the Allegro ecosystem. Brian’s career spans 20 years in credit and risk management and he always bringing an adeptness at detailed problem solving and out of the box thinking.

Jason Parks headshot


He began his career as an electrical engineer and quickly noticed his knack for energy trading. He has extensive experience in energy trading and portfolio management makes him adept at solving Allegro challenges spanning trading, risk management, market analysis, strategy development, and operations.

Business Head – India

Nitesh is a motivated business leader with over 13 years of progressive experience in IT consulting and operations management. With deep understanding of how to streamline business operations and engage employees in order to reach company objectives and increase profits, he is an expert at analyzing team strengths and leveraging individual assets to reach business goals efficiently. He has worked with several MNCs and has been instrumental in growing their offshore practices in India while also leading service delivery teams working on latest tools & technologies.

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