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BI & Analytics


BI & Analytics

From the day you setup your business, there’s been no shortage of one thing - data! You are not alone in wondering what mysteries remain locked up in the reams of data your business has been generating all these years. Let our scientists help you organize, analyze, visualize, distribute and most importantly make sense of it all. So you can make informed decisions for your business.

Wondering what’s the difference between BI & BA? Think of Business Intelligence as the stuff you do to keep your business running - sales reports, purchase reports, inventory analysis - these are all examples of Business Intelligence which tell you what has transpired over a specific period of time.

Business Analytics, on the other hand is the game changer and will help you unlock the real value of all this data by spotting trends and visualizing the next big opportunities!

That’s where our Data Scientists come in - we can help you organize, analyze, visualize, distribute and most importantly make sense of all the data!

Key Services

  • Consulting - What can you do with your data? What tools should you choose for your business to effectively leverage new dashboards? Our consultants with several years of helping businesses transition to BI tools will be on hand to help you choose.
  • Configuration - Let us help you deploy the BI tool of your choice, and set it up for the users within your organization. We will create the dashboards & scorecards your leadership needs to visualize the data and effectively manage the business.
  • Administration - Once the tool is deployed, our expert administrators will ensure that security protocols are updated for users to have access to only appropriate content per their permissions.
  • Support - Our dedicated team of support specialists will be on call to help troubleshoot any issues you may face. You can rest assured, knowing that help is only minutes away!