Value Creed

About Us


About Us

We at Value Creed believe in quality over quantity.  In getting the most bang for *your* buck.  In realising VALUE.

Whether implementing a new system, upgrading an existing version, or optimising your current CTRM, you need a team focused on delivering true value:  motivated resources with in-depth knowledge of the industry and software, with a client-first attitude that allows us to tackle challenges as part of your extended team.  With over 80 years of combined experience in delivering and managing CTRM projects, our consultants have proven their worth - from the Front Office to the Back, from the well to the burner-tip.  We strive to ensure our customers remain engaged, by exceeding expectations at every turn.

Based in Texas, our consultants have delivered successful projects all around the world.  We are known in the industry for our deep knowledge of CTRM software and the unique ability to translate the power of CTRM software into solving real business problems.  This bridging of the worlds is possible through strong Project Management, efficient Business Processes and smart Custom Development - resulting in a trouble free, interconnected CTRM system that's part of the solution - not a new problem to be solved!

Partner with us today to discover what can be accomplished when dedicated experts work on your business challenges!

Meet the Team

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Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

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Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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